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We need to maintain the pressure on our parliamentary officials to do more to tackle wildlife crimes.  Writing to your local MP or MEP is an effective way to raise the profile of the rhino poaching crisis and petition for more punitive legislation and strengthening of law enforcement.  

You can download or copy/paste our pre-drafted letter.  If you get a response from the parliament representative, email us a copy of their correspondence or post to either our Facebook page or in the Save Our Rhino group page so we can keep track of who is supporting legislative change.

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Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I am writing to you today to express my concern about the terrible toll the illegal wildlife trade is having on Africa’s rhinos.  We urgently need your support in parliament to draw attention to the escalating poaching crisis which has been intensifying each year since 2008.

Africa is in the midst of a wildlife genocide and many of the continents iconic and ecologically important species are facing extinction due to poaching.  Rhinos are being slaughtered across Africa to satisfy demands from Asian markets where their horns are used as an ingredient in traditional Asian medicines or made into carvings and trinkets.  Today, just one kilogram of rhino horn is worth more than gold, diamonds, heroin and cocaine on the black market.

At the epicentre of the poaching crisis is South Africa which, until 2008 had achieved unprecedented levels of success in protecting and conserving the countries rhinos.  Since 2008 however, South Africa has experienced record levels of poaching.  Mortalities have increased year on year from just 13 in 2007 to 1215 last year and already predictions for 2015 suggest this will be the worst year since records began.  These official statistics provided by the Department of Environment and Rural Affairs (DEA) do not include unborn calves, rhinos found with intact horns or poaching survivors.  It is estimated the true number of mortalities is 25-30% higher.

Very little international action is being taken to stop the slaughter of thousands of rhinos each year.  The illicit trade in wildlife is now the fourth largest trans-national crime after drugs, arms and human trafficking and yet the penalties for those caught remain woefully inadequate.  The trafficking of wildlife parts is known to be funding terrorist activities allowing militant gangs and global syndicates to increase manpower, machinery and arms.  This is allowing them to execute violent operations across the globe.   The illegal wildlife trade is also causing irreversible damage to Africa’s delicate eco-system, increasing poverty, risking an economic collapse of tourism, risking the lives of rangers (more than 1200 of which have been killed in the line of duty in the last decade) and putting human life across the planet at risk.

Urgent, effective action is needed from the international community to help protect this iconic, key, endangered species.  Time is running out for Africa’s two species of rhinos.  An estimated 18,000 white and 4,000 black rhinos can now be found in the wild across Africa.  The western black rhino sub-species were declared extinct by the IUCN in 2011.   The northern white rhino sub-species is now officially extinct in the wild with only one non breeding male and three females left (all living in captivity).   All demand for rhino horn needs to be eliminated. Demand reduction programs and campaigns should be supported and backed.  Help is needed from International Crime Agencies to hunt down the Illegal Wildlife traffickers and support is needed to deal with the hundreds of poachers entering protected National Parks.

I urge you to increase awareness of this atrocity.  To petition for the UK government to adopt a robust and effective national plan to tackle wildlife crime, adopt more punitive legislation by strengthening the ability to prosecute those caught and sanction harsher penalties.


[Your Name]

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