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Almost 100 children from Padang Changkat school in Perak Malaysia signed our “Creating Hope From Hurt” children’s petition in August 2015 producing some rhinotastic artwork!

Staff at Cypress Technology LTD raise $2,238 while teachers and children at the Wanfu English Skycastle, Taiwan run a donation drive for Saving The Survivors in April 2016

Check out the little rhino warriors and their rhinotastic art work at the Wanfu English Skycastle who’ve been busy “Creating Hope From Hurt”. Visit their Facebook page HERE to see more of their wonderful work!

Check out the wonderful artwork and heartfelt messages we received from a children’s home in Nairobi, Kenya.  These kids are real rhino warriors!

“Hope” the rhino wins first place in the annual art competition at Harwick Middle School, Suffolk.  The artwork was judged by professional artist Alfie Carpenter (

A huge well done to James who attends Hudson Park Primary for raising a rhinotastic R770.00 for Saving The Survivors selling biscuits and badges in December 2016!

Children from the “Crash Kids” in South Africa are helping to raise awareness for rhinos as well as a rhinotastic R1750 for Saving The Survivors!

Amazing rhino warriors from all over the world!