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Our legacy to our future generation will be one of immense failure if we allow our wildlife, our heritage to become extinct which is why we are committed to preserving a future for all rhinos.  We recognise one of the greatest super powers to save Africa’s rhinos is education because we know the children who grow up wanting to save rhinos will become the adults who take action.  The “Rhino Education project” has been designed to help teachers and extra-curricular organisations bring rhino conservation into the classroom as well as provide parents and primary carers with fun and engaging resources to encourage passive learning without geographical restrictions.

The project has been developed for primary school children and specifically designed as a multifaceted learning platform which allows each module to be incorporated into curriculum based lessons or taught as standalone topics. The project comprises of eight topical modules which aim to complement the classroom/learning environment and facilitate a greater understanding of the five rhino species, encouraging deeper exploration of the environmental and human challenges which threaten their survival.  Each module contains a range of age appropriate fact and activity sheets designed to be educational and stimulating, but ultimately fun!

In addition, we also offer a range of targeted talks in person (geographical location depending) and through popular online mediums such as Skype and Whatsapp offering a unique opportunity for students to interact with rhino experts and advocates.  Sessions are tailored to cover specific areas of rhino conservation to ensure they run seamlessly with your individual lesson requirements.  For more information about the project you can download our information leaflet here.


"Action For Rhinos is taking direct, intelligent, effective action for the benefit of these critically endangered, innocent and utterly irreplaceable creatures.  It's an honour to stand shoulder to shoulder with this wonderful organisation and a privilege to represent the crucial work they are doing"

Dan Richardson, Education Ambassador



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