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We are a grass-roots community organisation (formerly known as Working For Wildlife) founded in response to the dramatic increase in rhino fatalities in Africa caused by poaching and a growing concern of the effects the illegal wildlife trade is having on the world’s rhino population, particularly in South Africa. The organisation comprises of a small, but dedicated team of experienced advocates who work on a voluntary basis in a variety of roles.

Since our conception, we’ve established excellent working relationships with leading NGO’s, and international community groups.  Through proactive collaborations, we are collectively utilising resources to campaign on both a local and international level to heighten public awareness, challenge political leaders and  reach out to the global community through education.


In February 2015, we officially partnered with a leading South African NPC, Saving The Survivors, to launch an education programme helping teachers and extra curricular organisations bring rhino conservation into the classroom. This project also provides parents and primary carers with fun and engaging resources to encourage passive learning without geographical restrictions.  The project has developed into a comprehensive distance learning programme comprising of eight topical modules; each contains fact and activity sheets designed to enhance a greater understanding of the five rhino species and to explore the environmental and human challenges which threaten their survival.  The project has been specifically designed as a multifaceted learning platform which allows each module to be incorporated into curriculum based lessons or taught as stand alone topics.

The programme is now expanding into an exciting community outreach project. The aim is empowering rural, disadvantaged and vulnerable communities, the real stakeholders of African biodiversity, through vital educational support.  The project endeavours the facilitation of a greater understanding of the importance of rhinos within the eco-system and encourage species preservation on a local level.



We are not a registered charity, NGO or non-profit organisation answering to a board of directors or trustees but an advocacy group which allows us freedom to implement progressive campaigns across various platforms where we believe them to be most effective and influential.

We are working in association with Save Our Rhino, Facebook’s oldest rhino advocacy group with a diverse following of almost 19,000 members who comprise of concerned members of the public, activists, conservationists, rangers, veterinarians, farmers, media personalities and politicians.

Our current campaign, Save Africa’s Rhinos seeks to deflate the controversial allegations made by lobbyists who see an international trade of rhino horns as a solution to today’s poaching crisis in South Africa.  After months of extensive research we collectively believe trade is a simplistic solution to a complex problem and aim to release a succession of articles to educate the wider public about the challenges and consequences of trading wildlife under the guise of conservation.

You can read all the articles released through the campaign here on our website or visit the Save Our Rhino website for a full list of articles, guest blogs and news links here.

Laurian McLaren (Saving The Survivors-NPC), Jane Acott (Working For Wildlife) at the launch of  the Medivet  Save The Rhino campaign, Wetlands Center, London, May 2015.

Children at the Padang Changkat school in Perak Malaysia sign our “Creating Hope From Hurt” petitions after learning about the plight of rhinos in July 2015

Laurian and Jane with Dr. William Fowlds at the launch of  the Medivet  Save The Rhino campaign, Wetlands Center, London, May 2015.

Children at the Wanfu English Sky Castle, Taipei city, Taiwan have been busy learning about rhinos and raising money for Saving The Survivors



WildAct are a conservation NGO based in Vietnam.  WildAct are currently focusing on changing the attitudes of Vietnamese people towards wildlife and encouraging young people to get involved in conservation.  The organisation is also increasing awareness through education.....FIND OUT MORE >>>


RRP have pioneered a cost effective and sustainable method of horn devaluation through an indelible dye infusion treatment which renders which devalues the horn/s.  The process can also include micro-chipping DNA sampling and tracking technology.....FIND OUT MORE >>>

Save Our Rhino is officially partnered with the following organisations

Saving the Survivors - NPC was founded in 2012 to rescue and rehabilitate rhino that have fallen victim to poaching or traumatic incidents. This also includes rhinos whose horns have been hacked off and providing care for orphaned rhinos....FIND OUT MORE >>>

We are a proud member of the Rhino Alliance, a group of independent rhino conservation NGOs and organisations from around the world who have joined forces to maximise resources and support one another’s initiatives. Find out more about the alliance and it’s members.....FIND OUT MORE >>>

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